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I have transferred all the whiteboard stuff to google docs and it is seeming reliable enough. I am not using any of the sharing yet really. I think I would like to be confident with content first.

I put OMP questions up to, which seems handy.

A concern about this is that it is possible that I can spend too much time talking through the computer or adjusting documents instead of interacting with the students. I should review this

The advanced physics wiki continues to fill up. Finishing entries can be an issue here and students would sometimes benefit from some guidance – something to think about. Also – publication to a wider audience?

Pros: gets some more feedback and fact checking, gets a sense of pride for work done, gets more input, takes peer review to a new level

Cons: feedback needs monitoring for abuse, some parts are incomplete so looks a bit poor, may spend too much time on this in comparison with the learning


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2 Comments to “Google docs”

  1. Added heading style to dates on the WB to give a TOC so that it is easy to jump to a day – check it updates.

    Should add a general disclaimer to the heading before publishing.

    Will try sharing with grades 11 and 12 first.

  2. Note: ToC needs updating each time

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