Voicethread on the heart

Spent some time on getting ready to make voicethreads of the heart with grade 7.

So far I have made some screencast how to movies with jing. It will be interesting to see how useful this is.

Before that, the challenge will be organising the pictures. I didn’t get a camera for each group. I think I will try taking lots of pictures on the 2 cameras we have and putting them all on the server for people to share.


One Comment to “Voicethread on the heart”

  1. Part one was taking the pictures. Because we only turned up a couple of cameras, I took most of the pictures, but this meant that the students got to focus on the heart as much as possible and we got that done in 40 minutes. The photos (for all three classes) are on the server. We should see how well that works out.

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