More on voicethread hearts

This project has been continuing. Here are a few observations:

What went well:

  • The system and logins all worked and the students could access and make the projects.
  • The students seemed to enjoy the work and were well engaged with it.
  • The pictures look good and the product looked professional quickly – they were proud of it.
  • Talking was fun for them, as was hearing their own voices

What was more difficult:

  • When the network didn’t work, the project didn’t. Then the whole thing was counterproductive.
  • Some students struggled with the multiple steps involved.
  • It took several lessons to get a product – let alone evaluate it.
  • The time taken by students was very variable.
  • The students didn’t make effective use of the screencasts for the most part.

These points need reflection, but I will leave that for now.

The next part will be to get some useful peer evaluation happening.


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