IBIA online learning

I am currently doing an online IBIA course. Some good things and some not so good. Today I will share the experience with the department. Here are my notes for the meeting. If I post them here I can add coments later to represent responses:

Show the moodle (SMEC)

Mention tech requirements – microphone not needed

Describe tasks:

Week 0 – familiarization and jikoushokai

Week 1 – overview of requirements and group 4 project

Week 2 – Review the IA criteria

Week 3- Assessment of investigations

Week 4 – more assessment of investigations

Handy research library – share checklist

Each has tasks and discussion groups

Lots of use of objectives and outcomes in materials

Some of the tasks – using wikis – were pointless and supported no engagement

Most participants didn’t post – barely any interaction

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