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Wednesday, 28th April, 2010

Long awaited update

I imagine a significant proportion of blog posts start of with ‘it’s been a long time since I updated’…..

Perhaps one of the reasons is the notion that technology only really becomes useful when it becomes invisible. The google docs habit has become so part of what I do that I haven’t changed anything. I guess it may be especially useful to encourage students to revisit the site when they review.

In school there are going to be developments to the wireless network. It seems we have reached capacity and the solution to this is more capacity. I am not convinced by this.

I haven’t been revisiting the wikis. This seems a shame as there is a lot of potential here. I don’t see much drive from the students to access this.

I will see if I can set up google analytics to see site access stats for the google site on class notes. – (tried and failed) (then tried again and managed –