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Tuesday, 17th August, 2010

Starting a new year

It’s time to start another new year. Here are some initial technology thoughts and activites.

Googledocs- I have set up a series of files for WB notes again for each of the classes and put them in a website again. There was a small issue about setting it up as googledocs had updated and taken away the ability to hide the controls. Since I use this for projection this was important. The workaround to this was to make googledocs make files revert to the old version when setting them up.

The website presentation of this is a bit scruffy, but is fit for purpose at the moment.

The thing to watch with this was overuse of the computer in class and getting tied to the keyboard rather than moving around the room.

Apart from that, there is a new network around the building so we will see how that works. Upgrades to things have resulted in changes to permissions to some files changing. These are being resolved.