Another wiki

I am going to start up a new wiki to support review of the IGCSE Physics syllabus.

PBworks makes this easy to set up and I have made base pages for the sections of the syllabus covered so far. Because we are near the beginning this has been split into 6 sections, so this will require people to work in groups on this task, which is not really easy.

Some criteria for success:

  • Things get put up in a small time – not too much time wasted on tech or password issues
  • Things put up are good – clearly connected to the syllabus but adding something
  • Things get used.

We shall see…

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One Comment to “Another wiki”

  1. Need to think about permissions for this and making it public.

    Should make up a page of guidelines for editing and commenting such pages.

    Need to evaluate effectiveness more systematically

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