Looking for tools

Just finished some grading and wondered if there was a better way to address some of the tasks:
When looking at results from a test it was useful to make a tally chart of responses to see what persistent errors or misconceptions there were. This kind of works with a class of 6 but is not ideal and some way of automating this would be good. If the test could be done online this would help to get data in. I guess this could happen with googledocs. Andy had his students type in there answers into a googledocs spreadsheet after the event and this seemed like a really good idea.
Another thing on similar lines is the idea of clicker questions – something like http://www.polleverywhere.com/sms-classroom-response-system – poll everywhere – might be good when 1:1 happens – this would be good with scanned in files perhaps.
A few things to play with.


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