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Tuesday, 15th February, 2011


A quick note of a couple of Nick Rate’s things about eportfolios for reference
Includes a google app about this
Includes a classification:
Dimension 1: The Dedicated

A dedicated eportfolio system such as Mahara.

Dimension 2: The Managed

The eportfolio functionality or module built in or attached to a learning management system such as UltraNet, KnowledgeNet, Moodle etc.

Dimension 3: The Blogged

ePortfolios that are contained within an online tool such as Blogger, WordPress, Wikispaces, Weebly etc.

Dimension 4: The Mashed

An eportfolio that is not contained in any one place. It draws on the functionality of several online spaces and web technologies, using the best features of those tools to create and share learning. An example could be this netvibes dashboard.

Dimension 5: The Saved

ePortfolios that are created using desktop software and are not online. They are typically shared after being saved to a disk. Common software for this includes PowerPoint, Keynote, iWeb etc.

Dimension 6: The Integrated

ePortfolios that are seamlessly integrated into the way students are learning. It is a direct reference to the work being done by Hapara with their Teacher Dashboard.

Tuesday, 15th February, 2011


Do you have any thoughts or recommendations for bibliography making tools? I used Endnote a lot for my Masters and found it invaluable, but this has a cost. I was starting up looking at EEs and thought that something like this would be useful.

Options that I can think of:
Citation manager in Word – well integrated, but not easy to share
Easybib: – free and includes a lookup function and automatic formatting
Wizfolio: – includes some tools for sharing information
Citation machine: – just makes the citations and doesn’t handle the formatting

Or else maybe it is easier just to cite manually