More blog thoughts

I fiddled again with embedding googledocs into blogs. This is possible on the school hosted platform using a short bit of code

This means a few things are possible. It seems that the theme chosen can control a lot about how pages display so, if the blog is to have a mix of static content to go with some more dynamic and commentable parts, then I need to figure out what the choices are. It would be good to have some nested pages there.

here is a current text page:
(notice that the one I made and deleted before still takes up that URL – is this indefinite? can I reactivate

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2 Comments to “More blog thoughts”

  1. There is also an option to create menus and categories can be added to those – again – theme dependent.

  2. Notice how wordpress took any hint of code out of this post to leave a lonely looking URL at the top.

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