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Saturday, 26th March, 2011


This paper starts off by identifying the term ‘intelligence’ as problematic, which would fit with my instinct, It goes on, however, to make a valid case for it being a useful term in contemporary education, but qualifies this by looking at a variety of definitions. I guess this is a core idea for education. Perhaps I should have a better idea of what intelligence is and hence consider how to enhance, or not stifle, it.

The notion of general cognitive ability (or ‘intelligence’) is explored and why the time might now be ripe for educators to re-consider the power offered by a general intellectual capacity which is itself amenable to educational influence. We review existing knowledge concerning general intelligence, including the cohabitation of general and special abilities, cognitive modules, development, and evidence for plasticity of the general processor. We examine why this knowledge is generally absent from educational practice and present a number of models that attempt to synthesise the main aspects of current psychological theories. We explore how the models might be used in educational applications and look at examples of effective cognitive stimulation considering both practicalities and theoretical notions of what in our cognitive models is affected by stimulation. We discuss finally the possible political, cultural and social barriers to the inclusion of general ability as central to educational aims.

Tuesday, 1st March, 2011


Posterous – remember that? I set up one of these a year or so ago to look at track and field videos. It didn’t really achieve much as I didn’t share or publicise and I was the only one putting up, which seems to defeat the purpose – a regular blog would do that.
Maybe the problem was that it wasn’t the right tool for the job. One recent suggestion was the use of science scribes. This would be a good way of getting people able to contribute. It would only be really useful if it could be integrated into something else. This might work if a learning hub blog could have a page for this.
Something to try.
Also, am running delicious and Diigo kind of in parallel, which doesn’t make sense. It’s decision time