Posterous – remember that? I set up one of these a year or so ago to look at track and field videos. It didn’t really achieve much as I didn’t share or publicise and I was the only one putting up, which seems to defeat the purpose – a regular blog would do that.
Maybe the problem was that it wasn’t the right tool for the job. One recent suggestion was the use of science scribes. This would be a good way of getting people able to contribute. It would only be really useful if it could be integrated into something else. This might work if a learning hub blog could have a page for this.
Something to try.
Also, am running delicious and Diigo kind of in parallel, which doesn’t make sense. It’s decision time


One Comment to “Posterous”

  1. Embedding the posterous page is possible, but messy
    Permissions need to be looked at.

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