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Friday, 3rd February, 2012

The usual

It seems like it is the usual to start a blog post by saying ‘it’s been a while since my last….’

Some of this is probably down to the fact that there are other blogging and recording obligations – for a different audience than this, but one still seems to displace the other. This might also be due to the fact that things have reached some kind of stasis – I have orked out what I am confortable with to some extent and am not looking for many new things.

Stuff on the agenda:

Getting the high speed video working

Thinking about file resources – my stuff is generally on the server but that is not a familiar thing for the students. There are google doc shared collections that work well for some things, but that is quite dynamic and it is not tidy for making a locker of key things. The blog is the other possibility – pages of things. Seems like this is a moving target. I wonder what most people do.

That’s about it.