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Amongst the stream of things that passed through my google reader last year was a blog from a Physics teacher showing a picture a day. I would ignore this sometimes but occasionally take an idea or thought. The idea that it was mostly based around an image appeals to me and the take it or leave it nature is nice, so I thought I would try something similar this year. I have still called it a 180 blog, even though I am very slow of the mark and we are down to about 155 by now. I hope no-one is really counting.

I think the point is to have something to put out and get comment from a wider community. I think there should be a week or so of pictures, the I will try and see if this can be shared.

I have used posterous, since that was the original I am copying. I have managed to test post from email and from my ipod, so this should not be too onerous.

I wonder how wide or narrow to make this – maybe it should be about anything in school, maybe about the teaching of science, maybe even just the experimental ideas. I think I will start with a week on something that is happening or happened in class, and see how that goes. I will stick and annoying calendar reminder in for each afternoon.

In case the link was too hidden – here it is again:


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7 Responses to “180 Blog”

  1. Need to look in to why video won’t go from ipod – does this only happen sometimes? At home?

  2. The video upload issue happens in school and at home. Other things to try might be uploading while connected by wire to a computer.

  3. I have managed to upload a video by taking it with the camera and then uploading by emailing. I have also sent a help message since I can’t find anything in a forum.

  4. So far the thing that I am liking about this project is that it encourages me to emphasise the visually interesting, which is often the experimental side of teaching – a good antidote to all the screen time we spend!

  5. After 10 days it seemed to be time to make this a bit less private, so I sent a link ot my colleagues and sent a tweet about this.


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