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Thursday, 24th September, 2009

Something to follow

I think this discourse about 21st century learners would be very interesting to follow thoroughly:

Start here for an outline of the discourse – what skills to 21st century learners need. Starts out with the claim:

It is a refreshing change to be at a conference focused on the impact of digital technologies on education that is grounded in evidence rather than hype and speculation. As background reading for the conference, which started today (Sept. 21) and runs until Sept. 23, the OECD organizers released a number of reports based on the research being conducted by the Centre for Educational Research & Innovation (CERI) New Millennium Learner Project. As I mentioned in an earlier post, the OECD findings are consistent with the findings of our research. They clearly support the view that this is a much more complex issue than is portrayed by the futurists and pundits and that few of their major claims are supported by research.

This can lead to this discussion about teaching content for skills or not.

and lots more besides – all very interesting -needs more time