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Sunday, 4th September, 2011

New school year

The school year has started back up again – in fact it has been going for a couple of weeks already.

New computers – the 1:1 has started and the kids are carrying computers to class. All seems to be going smoothly with people managing these things well. There seems to be a bit of a difference between 2 grade 7 classes as far as how they use them – one group seems a lot less discriminating than the other and a lot happier to get off task. Would be nice to have a look at.

I have blogs for classes. Since I set up docs whiteboard pages again, I am still looking at what these are for. The grade 7 unit planner comments was good. I am not sure about posting stuff that does not expect a comment.

A new toy is Socrative. This could function like clickers, though students are anonymous. You can verbally ask questions and get an instant displayed response. First use it took a while for people to get to the page and it was not super responsive but, once we got going most people were able to get it to work and we could check responses to quite a few questions. I could see over using this application, but for a once a week formative task with a few planned questions the instant feedback is pretty cool.

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