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Thursday, 11th November, 2010

Forums and 1:1

I was searching for a set of solutions to the IGCSE Physics text that we use and came up blank. I thought to see if the CIE forum would provide an answer so I have posted a message. Looking at past posts on this site I am not optimistic. It seems like such professional communities should work, but it doesn’t always seem that they do. The IB one is good, so I wonder what the difference is.

If that doesn’t turn up a result, then I should look at creating this. Hamper’s approach of doing this on paper and scanning it looks like it might work – maybe with evernote. Otherwise a typed wiki might do it, though the time to type answers clearly might be a problem.

A 1:1 working group is going and I am involved with that. I think the group I am in is just some kind of discussion thing, but we will see. It makes me a bit nervous as it looks like a road it is hard to come back from. Sharing of info goes on through GoogleDocs.

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