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Saturday, 19th December, 2009

Hardware | eLearning Infusion

I came across a former colleague’s website via linkedin recently. Apart from giving thought to the usefulness of social networking sites, this looks like a handy resource. Nick has posts on this site about all sorts of tech things and many, for instance efolios, are handy references. A practical example below are some tips on presentation tools I didn’t know about.

We briefly discussed the merits of using Powerpoint vs. Keynote we did not even get on to discussing the Web 2.0 options like SlideRocket or 280 Slides and the general conclusion was that Powerpoint was the preferred option due to its superior presentation options. This included the ability to view presenter notes, timer and slide previews on one display and the slides only on a second display.I came away slightly disappointed as I would rather not use Powerpoint and much prefer Keynote. I decided to investigate this and I am pleased to report that all of these options are also available in Keynote. Very simple really, I don’t know why I have not noticed them before!Here’s where:Go to the Keynote preferences and click the Presenter Display tab. Select the desired options from the list.To preview and edit how this will look on your screen, click Edit Presenter Layout… and follow the instructions.

His main emphasis is elementary, but this does not stop posts being interesting or relevant

Also some interesting things about SOLO taxonomy that might have some play

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