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Tuesday, 24th November, 2009

Reflections on BTG

Now that BTG is over, it is worth a quick reflection:

  • The presentation got done!
  • The screencast was good to learn and makes for an artifact
  • It was nice to have a small audience having not done this much before. I hope I can be more confident in letting this go a bit
  • The presentation might have benefited by directing people more to a specific conclusion or letting it go to a specific conclusion with more interaction
  • Authenticity through catalytic action? Only for me.
  • There was no significant discussion online related to this
  • I think I am a bit clearer about some issues – notably identifying things that are problematic.

So generally, good but not great!

Thursday, 19th November, 2009

Presentations at BTG09

A slidcast of BTG09 -to see presenter notes you need to open in slideshare.

and the corresponding paper:

Comments here or on slideshare always welcome!

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Wednesday, 18th November, 2009

File sharing for BTG

Having prepared a presentation for BTG, it would be useful to spend some time sharing this in a useful way.

Options for this are:

  • posting the ppt in googledocs – easy and includes presenter notes, but doesn’t play vids
  • posting the .doc in googledocs – easy and retains enough of the formatting
  • posting the ppt in slideshare – easy to do but loose the video elements and the presenter notes. This allows a soundtrack mp3 file to be added, and presumably then synced. This would be nice to try as it might have further application. How easy is the mp3 recording? This would make the lack of presenter notes redundant.
  • putting it in keynote and adding commentary – not sure I want to embark on this as there would need to be a few steps after that before sharing
  • Putting into voicethread and commenting – videos wouldn’t translate and the audio might be messy
  • videoing – more trouble than it is worth. This would require someone else to do this during the show
  • Adding to blog – this would be an addition to other steps

From this list it looks like the audio commentary for slideshare would be best as I would like to learn how this works – seems to have potential for student use. Will put in a tech request for this.

Can also publish the paper on docs and link both in this blog