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Friday, 20th May, 2011


I tried a couple of things for back channel use in class. Some groups are doing review and I thought it might be useful for students to be able to post queries and help each other work out answers to problems. I tried using todaysmeet first. This didn’t work as the thread would get very untidy very rapidly. If someone asked a question, the answer would not be associated with it. It also took too much policing as it wasn’t clearly useful.

I thought wallwisher might help with the issue of associating questions with answers. Turns out it functioned so slowly with the group we simply abandoned this one.

Basically, I think this is an idea that doesn’t fit my classroom very well – I would rather have people just talk to each other. The idea that the conversation could carry on beyond the room would only work if it involved something like facebook pages.

Wednesday, 8th December, 2010

todays meet gives a real quick display of comments from all the class and can be entertaining. It is very easy to set up and join and works smoothly.

There is a problem that it can easily get put of hand and get pretty distracting. It works fine if it has a specific purpose, but you can’t switch it off – it needs some ground rules like:

Use your name – nothing anonymous

Stay on task – this is a hard one as it would be really easy for people to set up their own backchannel and not use this one so it ends up being a policing thing

Slight issues are that there is a short lag, so competing doesn’t work, and that an archive of valuable info doesn’t come easily from this.

Possible uses would be ; quickfire questions and immediate responses (not anonymous though?), chance for students to ask questions (though why wouldn’t they just put there hand up?), …

All in all this seems like a neat app but not a good classroom fit for me.

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