Blog updates

Blog updating reminds me to have a look at some other things that are interesting. Rather than use ‘press this’ to make separate posts, I will put a couple in one:

Danah Boyd on information access and the rights and wrongs of accessing information from social networking sites – if we can find it on google is it fair game to use?

Netgen skeptic provides a collection of nuggets on a theme, for example:

Look at the popular Net Gen literature and you won’t find this kind of methodological rigour. And you won’t find this conclusion:
“Students rely greatly on search engine brands to guide them to what they then perceive as credible material simply due to the fact that the destination page rose to the top of the results listingsof their preferred search engine.”

And this post about “the fact that too much of our discourse is self-referential and self-congratulatory, happening in an “Ed-Tech bubble.””


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